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JNA Realtors LLP are strongly guided by their core values that include ensuring customer satisfaction which is fundamental to our business, providing pre and post sales services of the highest quality, enabling transparent deals for our growth and wealth enhancement of the investor. We always ready to maximize your every investment. More importantly we provide a large bouquet of quality real estate options that are available for you to choose from. Moreover we make sure that your choice is a win-win situation by fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.

With a strong team of more than 50 professionals, JNA Realtors LLP brings the best to you always. Our interaction with you is driven by a deep sense of responsibility and care. Equipped with trained professionals with pedigreed backgrounds and service records in top multinationals, JNA Realtors LLP ensures that you get the best service levels and accuracy of information. We envision a future where there is a home for everyone to suit their budget and lifestyle in Gurgaon , Delhi , Noida , Faridabad , Ghaziabad. So let’s make your dream home come true.

A first generation entrepreneur, JNA established JNA Realtors LLP with strong vision to grow by helping people to help themselves. Being the first generation entrepreneur, he started with his strong vision and supported by a seed capital of mere few thousands, his vision was to provide Integrated Realty Services in India for all kinds of property needs to clients worldwide.


JNA great success in real estate development is the result of his professional vision and commitment to excellence. His efforts were crowned with success, through the innovative approach in project evaluation and marketing which led JNA Realtors LLP to achieve various awards by most of the reputed builders in NCR. Under the leadership of JNA, JNA Realtors LLP diversify business into Faridabad And NCR where he identified real potential yet untapped.

Today, JNA Realtors LLP represents the vibrant young entrepreneur of India. His dream is creation of world-class real estate advisory services to attract unprecedented levels of foreign and domestic investment inflows, generating new employment opportunities and changing lifestyles. To achieve new standards in the housing and urban development scenario to facilitate the advent of the organized real estate The IPC Phenomenon in contrast to the current situation, which is largely a loose bunch of property brokers spread in an unorganized manner across the country. He co-operate with real estate regulatory body and provide training and leadership skill to his team offered by regulatory body like REDCO .

Company profile

"We don't claim that we have perfection/excellency in our work. Its that our service which says it all !!!"

JNA Realtors LLP Developed By 2 persons, As a team in JNA Realtors LLP Since 1 Years We have acclaimed brand name instantly identified with Delhi/NCR. We are leading Real Estate Consultant in Faridabad especially in sale, purchase of Residential | Commercial Properties and in Original Booking. Our organization has earned an excellent reputation especially among the people for its honest and professionalized services creation.


We are certified from central government with JNA REALTORS LLP.